About us


Company name T. Ujihara & Co.,Ltd.
Location Abeno Harukas 32F, 1-1-43, Abeno-suji, Abeno-ku, Osaka,
Japan, 545-6032
TEL 06-6621-0900
FAX 06-6623-0900
URL http://ujiharashinsho.com
MAIL shodan(@)ujiharashinsho.com
Establishment 1957
Capital 21,600,000 YEN
Directors President:Toshiyuki Ujihara Exective Director:Yoshiki Ujihara
Managing Director:Yoshitomo Ujihara  Director:Miki Ujihara
Staff 8 members (As of April, 2021)
Annual Sales 970,000,000 YEN (FY2020)
Main Bank Mitsubishi UFJ (Semba Chuo branch office)
Business Exporting Japanese food products (Restaurant & Retail purpose)
Access JR or Metro Mido-suji Line “Tennouji Station” 3min walk

Message from our President

Authentic Japanese food products to the world!

Japanese cuisine is currently in a boom! Worldwide, consumers are seeing the health benefits and deliciousness of Japanese products. “Tempura”, “Sushi”, “Sukiyaki” and “Okonomiyaki” are quickly becoming internationally recognized dishes.
We aim to bring not just our food to you, but our culture as well.