Excellent Services

Our company are pioneers in exporting quality Japanese foods and liquor. Our everlasting relationship with suppliers and our reliable logistics network allow us to deliver great service and competitive prices every time. We also offer:

  • Intimate Customer Relationship
  • Our president often travels overseas to meet with clients face to face. Direct communication allows us to build intimate relationship with our customers and identify their needs more quickly and efficiently.

    Our network is mainly based in the Asian market. We currently export to Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore and The Philippines, furthermore, we are now expanding to new markets in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe.

    Not only do we deliver the right product at the right time, but we also provide a business consulting service with appropriate resolution as well.

  • Multi-Languages Support
  • We are a multilingual company with Japanese, English and Chinese Native speaking staff always on standby to assist our overseas clients. We also have Japanese staff available with skills in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic and Indonesian.

    As we are an experienced Trade Agent, shipping and customs documents will be processed smoothly and efficiently on every occasion.

    Other services like translation, OEM product assistance and Exhibition Attendance are available upon request.
  • Variety & Small Quantity Offer
  • To offer flexible service, we will try our best to negotiate “Minimum of Quantity” with our suppliers. We are able to supply certain retail products in small quantities. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding an LCL Transaction.
  • Adequate Labelling
  • Ingredient and nutrition labelling are available with the relevant translation accordingly to the country’s food safety regulation. Label formats can also be customized to customer’s needs.